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True coaching or therapy, satisfying therapy, is where you get results and your clients get results, you are fulfilled, and they are challenged, supported, and GROWING. This type of work is an art form. It demands skills, psychological understanding, embodiment, and learning to listen to the bigger muse in each and every therapy session.


Learning the art of Therapy is what this Advanced Training is about!

You have access to amazing resources which will turn your work into an art form. I have bundled for you my major online training courses and you can join me ON THE LIVE SESSIONS to benefit from my expertise.


There are 2 tiers of involvement

  • Tier 1: EVERGREEN education and personal guidance IN THE LIVE COURSES during my 6 online courses
    • Healing Complex Trauma (WORKSHEETS INCLUDED)
    • Three Days of Play ( a must for therapists!) (TEXT AWAKENING THE CREATIVE MIND EBOOK INCLUDED)
    • Relationship Ready and Secure Attachment (TEXT RELATIONSHIP READY EBOOK INCLUDED)
    • Healing Adoption Imprints
    • New Years Master Class in Vision Manifestation
      • One Additional process group/month
      • BONUS MOVEMENT AND MEDITATIONS  in each course
      • WORKSHEETS INCLUDED: Reflective writings, theory, readings
      • Courses have accompanying eBooks included (purchase hard copies separately)
      • Live courses include healing sessions during the class
  • Tier 2: + Supervision group, and client referrals (committed 2 year engagement)
    • All the above knowledge and healing plus...
    • Monthly group supervision
    • Clients! Get referrals and earn income while you learn! (based on completion of Top 4 classes ABOVE)
    • 1 individual supervision session per quarter (4/year)
    • Advanced course on Sacred Sexuality, Meditation, and Sacred Art

You are getting the best of my over 35 years work experience: That includes my work with a diverse clientele: gang youth, families, traumatized children at Children's Hospital in the child trauma units, work with sexually abused foster children, as therapist in the classroom in public schools, guiding clients who were adopted and adoptive families with parenting challenges, helping children and adults with sensory issues, work in agency Mental Health clinics, Public schools as therapist in the classroom, as a university professor (Director of BodyPsychotherapy MA program track, Naropa University, and as Artist in Residence, Naropa BFA in dance).


35+ Years of Private Practice experience: supervision, practice management, client management, avoiding burn-out, co-founding Colorado Therapies, and founding THE BROOK INSTITUTE where I have trained therapists and offered this work for over 15 years.


You are getting DIRECT APPLICATION SUPPORT: In addition to the modules, there are written and visual case studies of myself doing therapy; so you can actually track the unfolding of a client's sessions.


I can mentor you in outreach: As author of 9 books on Somatic Healing, International Conference presenter, including Keynote presenter, I know how to share with people this work. Marketing is key and I can help you develop your voice. 


You are getting my over 35 years of State of the Art Embodiment and meditation training: Body-Mind Centering, Yoga, Cranial Sacral and VM Manual therapy, Movement education, Contact Improvisation, Sufi studies, Native American studies, Buddhist studies, clairvoyant energy studies; all inform the guided meditations and movement practices in the courses.  Plus a bonus tab where you will find pdf's, audio guided practices, and video guided movement practices to help you re-pattern your body-mind.


Need more convincing? You get Personal Growth that benefits your profession.

If you are a therapist or coach and want your work to be your art, you must know this work from the inside out. My state of the art training course teaches you the essential skills of how to hold space for working with early shock imprints and compensations in the body-mind. My experience is that one cannot treat others until you have done your own inner work and healed much of your own shock imprints. You get that support by taking the live classes. 


You will become more embodied simply by taking these classes: Embodiment is the latest wave in coaching and therapy, and for good reason! It's time to awaken your clients so they can access their own healing! The inner work involves physical sensations, emotions, and belief structures; often those that were created as protective identifications to give meaning to overwhelming experiences.

  • Cognitive: Dismantling double bind thinking, self-attack thinking, integrating personal life experiences
  • Emotional: attachment styles, dominance, encapsulating, enmeshing behaviors dismantled
  • Physical: Healing Need Shock, Using Movement and body-based interventions that reinform the brain

These courses will enhance your ability to stay present under stress as a therapist, to help clients to choose new behavior options that are more nourishing, and for you to maintain nervous system health when working with clients. You teach clients  to find a nervous system  balance with healthy rest and healthy activity, and the ability to reach and choose healthy social connections. That is satisfying!


Clincial Skills

You will get clinical guidance via my books, demo sessions within courses, and case studies.  

You will learn how to set up your office, use props, and how to work specifically with birth trauma. 


This work is not linear. Personal and Professional will interweave. Be prepared to take time to integrate; to research and apply your new skills with your clients, to notice when triggers arise in you as a clinician, how to address them in the moment, and to seek professional support as needed. 

Therapy, sensory issues, Couples therapy, Behavioral therapy, Birth trauma, Adoption

Video waiver:


Your purchase of State of the Art Advanced Training Course serves as a waiver for video release of the recording content of videos in the courses. 
You can avoid personal visibility by turning off your video share, and still participate in the chat section of the call anonymously if you so choose.

The recorded calls may be made available to others wanting to learn and grow as part of shared resources for ongoing learning.

Therapy, sensory issues, Couples therapy, Behavioral therapy, Birth trauma, Adoption


Healing Birth Trauma Course

"As a Somatic Movement Educator (a student of Body-Mind Centering for over 25 years), and someone who has their MSW, Annie's work helped not only bridge my mental health training with all the somatic work I have done, it opened up new worlds in my own healing process via the realms of Perinatal Psychology (grounded in embodiment). I feel like I am just beginning- I feel greatly resourced from her Healing Birth Trauma course and sessions, I am feeling pretty excited and fearless, and yet wiser and more relational, about doing more of this work in the future!" J


"I found Annie to be very skilled in holding the space of the collective and tending the field. I am in awe of how much I could learn from her, almost to feeling intimidated! Yet I have a new spaces within self- seeds to sprout and nourish- that I believe will allow me to become more and more regulated both in relationship with others and relationship within self. These are big gifts!" anonymous

Relationship Ready Course

"there is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for Annie and her body of work. The birth patterns that were held in the cells of my body affected all of my relationships ~ I feel blessed to now have a large toolbox of resources and the somatic re-learning of memories my body knew but my mind and heart couldn't remember ~ all of my relationships transformed and I have a language and deep understanding with which to work with them from!" JR


"In Relationship Ready Annie lovingly takes us through early imprints that underlie our adult connections, then provides practices for inner work on the path to deepening intimacy. Annie’s view into adult relationship is from the inside out and this book is a gem for all of us." 

Anna Penenberg M.A., healer and author of Dancing In The Narrows

Amazing Resources for your learning 

Practice and Guidance so you can educate your clients!

  • Tier 1 Dates and Details

    Year 1: 2022-2023

    1. Jan:  New Years Master Class Vision Manifesting
    2. February: Relationship Ready course
    3. April: Healing Birth Trauma Course
    4. May: Healing Complex Trauma using Applied Neuroplasticity
    5. June: 3 Days of Play (Awakening the Creative Mind)
    6. Sept: Option to repeat Healing Birth Trauma and be an assistant

    Year 2:  2023

    1. January:  New Years Master Class Vision Manifest
    2. February: Healing Adoption Imprints course
    3. Opportunity to join Tier 2


  • Tier 2: Dates and Details


     Tier 2: All of the above plus!

    1. Ongoing  1: group Supervision: 1x/month
    2. Ongoing 2: Access to clients: earn as you learn (by permission only based on background, skills qualification, completion of Tier 1 online classes, and Annie's permission)
    3. March 2023: Sacred Art and Meditations Online Course
    4. May 2023: Sacred Sexuality Course
    5. September 2023: Couples Therapy Immersion (guided sessions with couples) 8 sessions tracking 3 couples.


  • Access to Q and A with Annie Brook

    Annie has worked with hundreds of people wanting intimacy and given them practical life changing tools that work. She is a unique educator who understands real life struggles. Learn these tools and how to apply them for yourself!

Therapy, sensory issues, Couples therapy, Behavioral therapy, Birth trauma, Adoption