How To fully enjoy your work and stay present while guiding children working through birth trauma and other life events...

Even if you didn't previously know how

Play Therapy That Works!

Online Course

Be the Best Therapist you can be! 


Do you have trouble with aggressive kids?

Is your play therapy work really effective?


What about reactive parents?

Or, have your nice parents been frustrated and

doubting your skills with therapy outcomes? 

Have you been doubting your own skills?


Get rid of those doubts when you enhance your skill set!

I have spent 35 years working with children (and adults and families)


I want to share those skills with you

There is a tremendous need for truly effective play therapy... 

that graduates children, and keeps building your reputation!


This course will teach you, step by step, how to:

  1. Have the skills that give you a waiting list, because your play therapy really works!
  2. Hear the Hidden Story beneath difficult behavior
  3. Interrupt power struggle behaviors
  4. Repair attachment wounds for children
  5. Help children release anxiety, aggression, control needs, and trauma stories
  6. Identify and work with Birth Trauma and other childhood traumas
  7. Work in a lively proactive manner that allows kids to engage for repair and integration
  8. Mentor parents to be better guides for their child's behavior at home

Video waiver:


Your purchase of Play Therapy online course serves as a waiver for video release of the recording content of the Play Therapy series.
You can avoid personal visibility by turning off your video share, and still participate in the chat section of the call anonymously if you so choose.

The recorded calls may be made available to others wanting to learn and grow as part of shared resources for ongoing learning.

As a therapist, learn to handle it all. Meet your own emotional challenges that lively play therapy work can activate

As a therapist, you will be challenged with kids. Ever feel like you just don't know what to do? That is common, and I can help you get beyond that and treat in a style that is yours and is enjoyable and effective!   This class includes self-awareness around...

  • Your own double bind thinking as a therapist
  • Unconscious shock patterns that engage you when treating
  • Taking your seat more fully as a therapist 
  • How birth or early trauma will come alive in your treatment room and what you can do with it to help children
  • Whether you have a grounded approach to an effective play therapy practice
  • Access to Q and A with Annie Brook


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  • Testimonials

    "there is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for Annie and her body of work. The birth patterns that were held in the cells of my body affected all of my relationships ~ I feel blessed to now have a large toolbox of resources and the somatic re-learning of memories my body knew but my mind and heart couldn't remember ~ all of my relationships transformed and I have a language and deep understanding with which to work with them from!" JR