What you will get:

  • Guidance to walk through Birth's Hidden Legacy texts!
Birth trauma, psychologists, complex trauma, ptsd, infant birth trauma
  • Process double bind thinking

  • Use Developmental Movement to reinform the brain, and repattern the bodymind

  • Identify and release shock patterns

  • Replace non-supportive attachment style with secure adult/child attachment

  • Stay grounded and regulated under stress

  • Understand and dismantle the roots of self-attack thinking, obsessive thought, and nameless anxiety.

  • Find a grounded, differentiated orientation to life that includes a compassionate approach to self-care. This helps every relationship you are in; work, parenting, and intimate partnership.

What Our Customers Say...

"there is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for Annie and her body of work. The birth patterns that were held in the cells of my body affected all of my relationships ~ I feel blessed to now have a large toolbox of resources and the somatic re-learning of memories my body knew but my mind and heart couldn't remember ~ all of my relationships transformed and I have a language and deep understanding with which to work with them from!" JR

"In Birth's Hidden legacy, Annie lovingly takes us through early imprints that underlie our adult connections, then provides practices for inner work on the path to deepening intimacy. Annie’s view into adult relationship is from the inside out and this book is a gem for all of us." 

Anna Penenberg M.A., healer and author of Dancing In The Narrows

Frequently Asked Questions

For both Content and Structure of Online Course. See below...

Q: Why do you work with early experiences when we are adults?

A: The body records events and protective responses that get into the primitive brain. These protective responses show up in adult life and create havoc until integrated and understood. It is the default behavior under stress, and is from infancy or childhood.

Q: What if I don't remember anything from my childhood?

A: Totally OK, because your bodymind remembers. The work is to access this consciously. That is some of the unique methods of this course. 

Q: You talk a lot about being responsible for yourself. What if it really is the other person's bad behavior?

A: Working consciously with your own imprints gives you the ground to be able to set boundaries, know what is yours and not yours, and give grounded feedback. You then have choice about whether a relationship is sustainable. You can't know that when your own shock imprints are active.

Q: What do you mean about shock imprints and why does it matter?

A: Shock indicates a time when you were overwhelmed and out of control, maybe even "left your body," or left your ability to think clearly and take action. It indicates an internal freeze response and a kind of dissociation.

Q: Time zones and Course sessions...I live in UK. Are live course times flexible? Can I watch later?

Q: So I learn all these tools. How do they make a difference?

A: It's not just the understanding. It's the felt sense you will get once you start working with your own imprints. This is the experiential embodiment piece, and that's when lasting change can happen. 

Q: If I do all this work myself, how do I know I am ready for relationship?

A: Unwrapping shock patterns allows natural life force to flow through. Healthy connection is a human need. You will start to feel differently once you have reframed your fear and protective patterned behaviors into something functional for your well being.  

Q: What if I am triggered by this deeper work?

Q: How long can I access this material for study?

A: You have a full year so you can revisit the material as much as you need to. It might take awhile to get inside your own patterns to find the relief. It is so worth the journey!

Q: I am studying counseling. Will there be handouts/ worksheets , study aids etc ?