ATTENTION Why Some Traumas Never "Go Away!"

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 Healing Adoption Imprints to recognize, treat, and

work with the unique imprint of adoption

From the desk of Annie Brook, Ph.D.     Boulder, Colorado

Somatic Psychologist, Author, Registered Movement Educator,  Body-Mind CenteringSM Teacher, Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral practitioner, Gyrotonic/Gyrokinesis instructor, Kaiut Yoga Teacher

Annie Brook teaching a mom how to use movement to help her child heal from trauma

What are Adoption Imprints?


They live deep in the nervous system and create..

  1. Emotional drama/fear/need to control
  2. They don't go away without attention to heal
  3. You have already tried many solutions that didn't stick; learn the body-based neuroscience
  4. They create perfectionism, self-attack thinking and reactive obsessive controlling behaviors. 

How do I know if I am relating through Adoption Trauma?


Do you end up experienceing the following?

  1. End up in repetitive power struggles
  2. Feel depressed, hopeless, anxious, or aggressive too often
  3. Escape by numbing out or zoning out
  4. Try to control others, especially your spouse
  5. Feel controlled by your child?
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Dear Friend,


If you want to put your story of being adopted to rest, or help children and families with adopted children, this is a really important course for you to take!

But first, we know trauma healing has 'been around," what makes your online course Healing Adoption Imprints different?


It's because I can recognize the unique trauma complex of Adoption! Being given up for adoption has it's own unique set of imprints. I've helped infants to adults, and families who adopt, and have seen the unique struggles and emotional projections around safety, trust, early unmet needs and specifically self-worth and confidence.


Maybe you treat people who were adopted, or the struggling parents of an adopted child, or treat couples who adopted and find they are losing the joy in their partnership and are in constant conflict with their spouse. Maybe you work with adopted infants? Or maybe you were adopted and want to know more?


Wouldn't it be a relief if there was a reason you could discover to release 'that activation" around intimacy and trust. Healing adoption imprints brings relief to the understory in the psyche, and to exhausting behaviors in life. 


You may know first hand how exhausting it is to parent anadopted child; you might receive projections so you feel like you are never a good enough parent or partner to someone who was adopted. Maybe you adopted and now wish you hadn't because it is that hard! 


Maybe you have never formed an intimate relationship due to underlying anxieties that are not even apparent but stem from being given up for adoption. Adoption carries many of the components of complex trauma and has a unique nervous system signature.


I have worked with adoption issues with scores of children and families and people just like you: exhausted by undiscovered complex issues related to adoption, or by nagging patterns that "get better" and then return at any little upset.


Answer these 4 questions:

  1. Are you trying to get close to someone who was adopted?
  2. Have you felt the push pull of adoption imprints?
  3. How often do you "think you are right" and blame others?
  4. How well balanced are your emotions?

You have probably already tried everything, and maybe even given up and surrendered to being 'this way.' Hopefully not. Join my online course and get started on healing this pernicious problem.


If you are treating people who were adopted, or were adopted yourself, you can learn to heal the foundation of attachment and relationship.


If you are the parent of an adopted child, you can learn how to relate in ways where you are empowered and your child feels safe, and you are not the target of their unresolved fears and needs.


The adoption experience challenges relationships at an uncanny level. Adoption has a unique nervous system signature, and this course will help you understand that imprint and how to work with it.  Many adoptive parents try really hard and are good; however the basic nature of the adoption "signature" can create attachment issues, projection of unmet needs, and incredible co-dependency until you know how to unravel the pieces of need found within the adoption imprint.


And, from taking the adoption quiz, you may see you could use some help to go from surviving to thriving.  This class includes self-awareness around...

  • Your own double bind thinking as a therapist
  • Unconscious shock patterns that engage you when treating
  • Taking your seat more fully as a therapist 
  • How birth or early trauma will come alive in your treatment room and what you can do with it to help children
  • Whether you have a grounded approach to an effective play therapy practice
  • 10 Online Sessions 

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    Live classes start Wednesdays, starts: October 13, live with Annie

    1-2:30 pm MST

    Can't make that time? No worries! All classes are recorded and you can view at your own timing. 

  • Access to Q and A with Annie Brook

    Hear real questions from real people! Annie is a unique educator who understands real life struggles.  Annie has  helped many adults, children, and infants who were adopted. 


    Her clients often come from other therapists or coaches who are "stumped," or from parents who changed therapists because they wanted better results. 

  • BONUS #1

    Adoptive Parents Handbook delivered to your inbox upon payment!

  • BONUS #2

    Free link to article on Adoption upon payment!

  • Testimonials

    "there is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for Annie and her body of work. The birth patterns that were held in the cells of my body affected all of my relationships ~ I feel blessed to now have a large toolbox of resources and the somatic re-learning of memories my body knew but my mind and heart couldn't remember ~ all of my relationships transformed and I have a language and deep understanding with which to work with them from!" JR

How Is My Method Different?


What people don't know is that you can change the brain to change the pain.

  • I know how to get to the root of emotional imprints, and use specific types of movement that prune out hyper-sensitivity, right in the brain!
  • I help people access implicit memory (before thought) that lodges in the primitive brain as protective responses and shows up as sensation
  • I give people new information through movement that re-informs the brain 

My methods work. I designed and tested them in clinical practice. I have been in practice for over 35 years! Results last. People graduate from therapy.


Children learned to bond and settle, and adults to not "get hooked" in the "frustration despair cycle" with their adopted child.


You are probably worn out by now, and don't really think there is much more you can do to heal. Afterall, adoption is a real and permanent experience! But if you don't try this, you won't know that you really can get some relief.


What will be different if I learn about Adoption Imprints?


You won't even be asking that question!

  1. You can eliminate power struggles
  2. Find relief from energy draining thoughts and behaviors
  3. Know which tools to use to help yourself or your child or family, right in the moment!

Exactly What You're Getting

  • First of all you will get a chance to ask questions. I have over 35 years experience, with a rich background in cross disciplines of treatment
  • I will show you how to think about treatment options in a whole different manner
  • Case study stories highlight how my method works. You may discover effective options for yourself or one of your clients
  • You will get an overview to recognizing and treating the complex trauma of adoption

Let's get started! Click the blue button!


I love to support professional learning skills for my clients of all ages. Healing adoption imprints is one of the best things you can give yourself or your clients...


A mother's precocious 9 month old would not settle and rest. We did a warm pool session and repaired that "sense of safety" in the womb. The infant "rebonded" with her new parents and immediately began to settle and relax.


A couple who adopted is using my methods to reclaim  health and quality of focus in their marriage...and then using the same strategies to help their child relax and gain confidence.


A family with 2 adopted children from China is finally getting relief and the kids are changing their behaviors! (they also got my book, The Adopted Parents Handbook)


"So like I said, there's more to healing adoption imprints than most therapists know about!"

Discover new tools and share them with others.

Remember, you can learn somatic tools to change your brain to change the pain!

Here's What To Do Next

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  2. Register for the class and start enjoying the Membership site where you will find your study guides
  3. Get your questions ready :)
  4. Put the date in your calendar. Wednesday 10/13, 1 pm MT 3 pm EST or book yourself a time to watch it later. It will be recorded).

The Live Class starts soon So Claim Your Seat 

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to speaking with you soon.




Annie Brook


P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:


I'm offering you a chance to expand the scope of your therapy practice. Helping people who were adopted is very rewarding! You can join me live to heal your own adoption imprints, or learn how to help others. Great for parents as well!



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