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Annie Brook, Ph. D.

Boulder, Colorado

Somatic Psychologist, Author, Registered Movement Educator,  Body-Mind CenteringSM Teacher, Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral practitioner, Gyrotonic/Gyrokinesis instructor, Kaiut Yoga Teacher


  • Identity Pain:  All the compensations around self worth; self attack, false sense of self, grandiosity, needing to be center of attention. 

  • Emotional Pain: turns to mental aggression on self, or others.
    Hard to know what your feel, followed by confusion, inner collapse getting lost 

  • Behavioral Pain: controlling, blaming, whining, perfectionism, super achiever or avoiding success, collapsing under pressure, cutting off from others.

  • Relational Pain: melt-downs, reactivity, pushing others away, not "needing" anybody!

  • Parenting Pain:  Your child clings and pushes you away, is anxious, needs to be the "lightening rod" of attention, draws attention especially when you and your spouse are together; creates couple difficulties due to the stress of parenting an adopted child!

Live Zoom Calls with Annie...

it's where the healing happens

A rare chance for direct healing, and seeing how Annie engages the group to support embodiment tools and application of her amazing skills!

  • Learn to Shift Brain States of Adoption Imprints
  • Why some traumas never "Go Away"
  • Recognize, treat and work with the unique imprint of Adoption
  • Expand your scope of practice so you have a waiting list!

What is being offered?

What makes your

Healing Adoption Imprints Course unique?

Why should I join up?

Because Annie can teach you to recognize the unique trauma complex of Adoption!

To survive and thrive in your career!

To share your greatest professional gift as living art, session by session

If you are treating people who were adopted, or were adopted yourself, learn to heal the foundation of attachment and relationship.


If you are the parent of an adopted child, learn how to relate in ways where you are empowered and your child feels safe, and you are not the target of their unresolved fears and needs.


The adoption experience challenges relationships at an uncanny level. Adoption has a unique nervous system signature, and this course will help you understand, work with, and resolve that imprint.


Many adoptive parents try really hard and are good; however the basic "adoption signature" creates attachment issues: and power struggles! You become the projection of the "bad mother" or unsafe mother,  the father becomes the "rescuer"  your relationship falls apart because you are both desperate and detached.


Adoption has an unusual co-dependency due to inutero/post-birth "unmet needs," until you know how to unravel the pieces of need found within the adoption imprint.


Take the adoption quiz and find out if you need some help to go from surviving to thriving.  

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You can avoid personal visibility by turning off your video share, and still participate in the chat section of the call anonymously if you so choose.

The recorded calls may be made available to others wanting to learn and grow as part of shared resources for ongoing learning.

Therapy, sensory issues, Couples therapy, Behavioral therapy, Birth trauma, Adoption

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Therapy, sensory issues, Couples therapy, Behavioral therapy, Birth trauma, Adoption

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