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Therapist education, power struggles, birth trauma, sensory challenges, attachment issues

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Treat body-mind-spirit! Get the theory of body-mind development, the interventions that make a difference, and access to Annie Brook's lifelong skill gathering and sharing.

Her books are easy to follow, clearly written, and foundational for a clear theoretical understanding of development, psychology, and movement.

  1. Birth's Hidden Legacy, Vol 1 & 2
  2. The Developing Infant
  3. From  Conception to Crawling
  4. Help for Sensory Challenges
  5. Relationship Ready
  6. Awakening the Creative Mind
  7. Contact Improvisation and Body-Mind Centering


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What Our Trained Therapists Say...

"I have taken numerous  trainings in the past and have found that none have covered the depth AND breadth that Annie’s does. She has an uncanny way of weaving everything together so that it all makes sense. Her teachings are unique, as she masterfully weaves many different theories, concepts and modalities into one. I have never been in a training where I have learned so much personal and professional applicable material."

Julie Rappaport. MA

www.Marriage counseling in

"Annie Brook is one of the living somatic masters of our time.  Her lifelong dedication to the somatic life, continual training, and deepening her practice, has led her to astounding understandings of the complexity and brilliance of the body-mind.  She is a facilitator of change on a cellular level, working at the very bedrock of identity and behavior.  She will open your perception to the depths of the formation of consciousness 

and how to be a facilitator there, in that space, helping you to create the kind of change for your clients that is so rare and so beautiful.  I cannot recommend working with her enough.  She has brought so much depth and richness to my life and my practice.  It is a true blessing to have her guidance on the path."

Jonathan Grassi, LMT, CPTMI

Board Certified Massage Therapist

Bronze medalist winner of the World Champion in Massage and featured in the film "Touched" which will debut at film festivals in 2021.

"Annie is a brilliant guide for those of us on the path of healing. She is highly attuned to her clients, dedicated for the long haul, and truly gifted in helping people navigate through the complex terrain of prenatal life, birth, and early developmental related issues. Annie is also able to powerfully assist couples as they repair early attachment dynamics and move into embodied connection and ever expanding intimacy. Annie lives what she teaches. She is an integrated woman, a creative inspiration, and a treasure in our community."


"...I could incorporate the learnings into being a more skilled, attachment-based therapist, and into healing my own early attachment wounds, becoming a more confident, first-time parent. The (training)  is wholly transformative on the physical, mental, and emotional levels, inviting the kind of learning that can only be described as inside-out – as in from the cells-outward. Annie is a true master – of the body, of holding the field of a group’s process, and of understanding the material at a depth born of a lifetime of study and work – and she has been a trusted mentor for me for many years..."

Stephanie Dueger, Ph.D


"Annie's therapeutic work is a potent mix of deep intuition, an abundant knowledge of body and nervous system patterns and pure love. She meets you in the depths of your being and says hello to your earliest cellular imprints, greeting the most fragile aspects of self with great compassion and care. Once she has established this deep, trusting relationship even your most challenging physical, spiritual, and emotional challenges can be transformed into powerful circulating energy. Working with Annie is a journey towards becoming more alive.."

Allison Weliky, MA LPC


"Annie Brook, Ph.D. has been studying somatic psychotherapy for 35 years and pre & perinatal psychology for 25 years. Her book set, Birth’s Hidden Legacy, is an extensive overview of the field of prenatal and birth psychology. In great detail, it reviews the profound and varying effects that this formative period can have on later life. With numerous case studies, Dr. Brook illustrates treatment techniques to bring about change. Birth’s Hidden Legacy is a great addition in an emerging field. It contains decades of knowledge synthesized from her own work and others, and makes this available in a coherent, easy to read format for all."

David Sawyer,

founder Prenatal Journey training, The Center for Somatic Psychology, LLC


You deserve the best training. These ebooks represent years of post-graduate clinical study with real live people; finding out what they needed, why, and how to help them. Wouldn't you want to do the same? 

Best to you! 

Annie Brook

Somatic author,  founder of The Brook Institute & cofounder of the Colorado Therapies clinic

Frequently asked questions

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What is the difference between The Developing Infant and From Conception to Crawling?

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Which of your books are best for movement?

They all include movement! Contact Improvisation is most specific for dancing that form; however it has body awareness practices, not just movement. Help for Sensory Challenges really helps you to understand Senses and Perceptions, and offers games to help you develop those essential functions that calm and support the integrated brain. One of my favorites is Awakening the Creative Mind, because it uses improvisation and story telling, which is essential to building fun and play into life and treatment. 

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