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Prenatal Psychology, Birth Trauma, Birth issues, sensory challenges, Body-Mind Centering, Somatic healing
Prenatal Psychology, Birth Trauma, Psychotherapy, Trauma, Healing Trauma
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Prenatal, perinatal psychology, premature, pitocin, birth trauma, birth therapy, adult trauma, Body-Mind Centering
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Dance, Improvisation, Movement arts, Somatic education

Birth's Hidden Legacy ebooks

Birth's Hidden Legacy ebooks...same great content as paperbacks, just no shipping fees

Attachment Therapy

a body-mind perspective

Infant and child experiences create beliefs, behaviors, and thoughts. Repattern and repair using bodymind tools

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Power Struggle Behaviors

Don't waste energy in power struggles. Learn better ways to behave. For couples or parent-child dynamics

Birth Trauma for Parents & Adults

Who would have guessed a difficult birth would play out in the parent-child relationship? It does! Parents who help children unravel birth trauma have more relaxed enjoyable interactions

Adoptive Parents Handbook

 Adopted children arrive with a built-in double bind around trust, emotional safety, and projections. You could be "good enough parents" and end up in despair. 
Learn to recognize, interrupt, & replace the

Frustration Despair Cycle:

 How and why it happens, and what to do for yourselves with an adopted child

Aquatic Attachment Therapy

Warm pool therapy heals deep shock related to safety and connection. Learn the skills.

Improvisation and Playback Theater

Skills for Creative Problem Solving, Getting out of Power Triangles, and having more fun as a Therapist or Parent.


Plus Playback2Youth Project and Playback Theater. Helping put an end to school violence and isolation. 


Inner work to be ready for a partner, or for Couples 

Getting along and thriving is what couples want. Yet, you can bet you are going to work out some of your childhood disappointments, and project your unmet needs, onto your partner.  Get some simple tools and enjoy each other more!

What Women Want from Men

For Guys! Learn how to connect and feel sane around the feminine brain. Understand the difference between "fix it" or simply listen. 

What Men Want From Women

For Women! A simple playful guide to getting along with your guy. Don't waste energy "figuring him out."

Sensory Games to Rewire The Brain

Birth's Hidden Legacy: Vol 1

How Surprising Beliefs From Infancy Limit Successful Child and Adult Behavior

Buy Vol 1 and 2 together, and save on Shipping (2 books)

Infant Development, movement education, Crawling, Babies, Body-Mind Centering, Somatic education, primitive reflexes, German
Birth Psychology, Birth Trauma, Pitocin, C-Section, Forceps, Body-Mind Centering

Book Bundle for Healing Birth Trauma online course. (3 books)

Birth's Hidden Legacy: Vol 2

Treat Earliest Origins of Shock and Attachment Trauma

in Adults, Children, and Infants

The Developing Infant

A guide to Infant Health and Well Being

From Conception To Crawling​

Contact Improvisation & Body-Mind Centering;

A Manual for Teaching & Learning Movement​

Relationship Ready

Ebook: Attachment Therapy, a body-mind perspective

If you are supporting clients with intimacy or family issues, this book (ePub format) is a must read. It adds to your expertise when you look developmentally at the body mind influence on thoughts and behavior choices in intimacy and connection.

Here's the how to's in what you'll discover:
How to... identify and repattern early filters regarding safety and connection
Filters become shaped by experiences recorded in the bodymind
Unmet early needs create need shock, and the tools to identify and interrupt "need shock"

The neurobiology of attachment and "double bind thinking"
Tools for treatment, and methods that heal attachment wounds from the inside out
Plus 2 case studies of how these theories and methods work in real-life clinical practice.


My clinical practice experience spans over 3 decades. I've  worked with adults, children, infants, couples, and children and adults who have been adopted. There is always a story beneath the behavior, and when you can recognize, listen, and repair the tissue level of early memory, you succeed in helping someone make lasting changes in behavior. 


Wouldn't you want that for all your clients?

Ebook: The Adoptive Parents Handbook

Ebook: Ebook: Power Struggle Behaviors

Ebook: Aquatic Therapy and Body-Mind Centering

Ebook: Birth Trauma for Parents

Ebook: Awakening the Creative Mind

MP3 audio file:

The Hidden Stories Behind Difficult Behaviors



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    Relationship Ready (5 modules) walks you through personal work for relationships.  Birth's Hidden Legacy (9 Modules) integrates Somatic Imprints, Identity Beliefs, attachment dynamics, and gives tools for how birth influences adult or child behaviors. Excellent resource for treatment  of Birth Trauma.

    For Manual Therapists, OT’s, PT’s, Psychotherapists, and curious parents.

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Depression and Anxiety, Anger, Hidden Fears, Shame, Procrastination, PTSD and Birth Trauma

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Difficult Child Behavior, Sensory-Motor Issues, Birth Trauma, Attachment Problems

Sessions for Adoptive Parents

Learn how to break the Frustration Despair Cycle.

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Get the skills to thrive in relationship! Handle conflict, reduce stress, and understand Intimacy

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