Annie's Health Practices


My main daily diet includes Spirulina. For over 35 years, I have used spirulina to keep my blood alkaline, my brain focused and alert, and keep my body & brain humming along :) 

Micro Movement Practices

With Body-Mind Centering and Continuum in my roots, I do micro-movement awareness practices even in my sleep! I lie down on the floor or my bed, and listen/play with all the body tissues, all the way to the cellular level. (You can learn them in my From Conception to Crawling book or be guided in my From Conception to Crawling DVD set)

Art, play, & More!

  • Contact Improvisation 
  • Gyrotonics® & Gyrokinesis® 
  • Yoga
  • Tango Dancing
  • Painting
  • Music; vocals, guitar, flute, piano
  • Performance Art-Story
  • Nature play-walk

I've been so lucky to have amazing teachers in my life. Much gratitude for those blessings! (If you want to learn movement skills you can do solo or with a friend or group, explore my Contact Improvisation and Body-Mind Centering book)



Books, ebooks, audio, DVD, online courses, and individual online session support

  • Books

    We offer variety of resource books for parents, therapists and educators. 

  • DVD'S

    Learn by watching. DVD's are an excellent way to learn movement patterns and train your brain. For parents, movement educators, and adults.

  • Online 1:1 Sessions

    We offer online one on one client sessions for those that cant make it into our Boulder office. 

  • Online Courses

    Our 9 Modulle Online Program integrates Somatic Attachment and Birth's Hidden Legacy. For Manual Therapists, OT’s, PT’s, and Psychotherapists.

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